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Freedom Internet Group Inc. (FIGI)

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We craft strategies for entrepreneurs to convert their net worth into predictable passive income and a life fulfilled.


From a young age, Noah learned the value of hard work and the choices that money can offer. He grew up with a single mother who was incredibly hardworking but still struggled to put food on the table. Living in an affluent New York suburb, many of his friend’s mothers were full-time homemakers and their families often enjoyed luxurious second homes and vacations. His father owned a CPA firm and, while he had his own ups and downs, they were able to go out to dinner and order dessert, or go bowling during the day and see a movie at night.

Noah quickly learned that having money allowed more choices in one’s life and he too wanted that freedom for himself one day. As a CPA, his father’s focus was on forensic accounting, which provided many stories of clients whose families often fought over money. It became clear to Noah that money couldn’t buy happiness or make people behave kindly to one another.

When he began his own career in forensic accounting, Noah specialized in helping families cope with divorce. He encountered entrepreneurs that ultimately prioritized their desire for success over the needs of their partners, resulting in divided wealth and lackluster portfolios. Noah went on to create the world’s first family office for divorced women, where he focused on the transition of being a financially stable spouse to a new reality of being solely responsible for investing, budgeting, taxes and estate planning. His skill of translating complex issues into straightforward lessons became invaluable as his clients became more confident in their decision-making.

In pursuit of his own goals, Noah moved to South Florida in 2011. Utilizing his experience coaching entrepreneurs with selling their companies and seeing an overlap with the challenges faced by affluent divorced women, he wrote a book, launched a podcast and became a thought leader in the area of exit planning. His family office evolved to concentrate more on entrepreneurial families, especially those planning an exit or succession.

Noah is a 3rd generation CPA, he minored in philosophy and has always approached life holistically. In his experience, money offers choices, but not happiness. In order to achieve freedom, he believes we need to develop healthy relationships with those around us. As a result, we focus on measuring and monitoring financial assets and also the value in life – including our health, spirituality, relationships and the impact we make within our community.

Married for over 20 years, Noah is the proud father of two school-aged children and currently lives in Parkland, Florida.

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